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Aquaman’s Success Champions For Reconsideration OF DC’s Cinematic Universe

DC had struggled to emulate Marvel’s formula for a cinematic universe that churns out blockbusters one after the other. Although DC had a head start in the superhero movie genre with Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy, they never build up on that like Marvel did.

Jason Mamoa as Aquaman
Jason Momoa as Aquaman

Man of Steel by Zack Snyder didn’t go well the fans and with Batman V Superman DC tanked their chances. People behind the scene at the Warner Bros studio knew they had to act fast and swift if they are to save the franchise. Luckily enough for them, Patty Jenkins’s Wonder Woman proved to be a breakout hit with more than $400 million at US box office. Things were looking better but then Justice League happened that tore apart the DCEU.

Since DC had committed to a slate of movies way before Superman V Batman hit theatres, some movies were in a far advanced stage to be cancelled once the executives realised that they need to mix things up. Lucky for us, we got the Aquaman. Although the movie had an average script the visuals effects and star power pulled the movie to over $1 Billion dollars at the global box office.

They have been reports of Henry Cavil leaving the DC and it is certain at this point that Ben Affleck isn’t the part of Matt Reeve’s Batman movie. And we have no clue as to when are we going to get the Flashpoint Paradox, the movie that was supposed to hit the reset button on the DCEU and would have explained the re-casting of the actors. The Joker movie scheduled to release in October 2019 has Joaquin Phoenix as Joker, whereas it was Jared Leto who earlier played the character.

DC’s Upcoming Joker Movie

After the debacle of Justice League, DC had opted to do individual movies and keeping the Cinematic Universe on a back burner. The upcoming Joker and Batman movie are a part of that. But with the success of Aquaman, I hope DC reconsiders their stand on the shared universes. Wonder Woman is returning in 2020 and it is certain that we will get a sequel to Aquaman which will be announced soon.

The only problem is they don’t seem to have two of their leading characters in the mix. Superman and Batman. Will we get to see Justice League soon enough? Well, I don’t see that happening at least for five years. DC tried going the hasty path and they burned themselves bad. They must first establish their individual characters with great movies in before they bring them all together. That’s what Marvel did with the Avengers. Now it feels so obvious that all DC had or has to do is make great character movies, good enough for people to care about them and then make their paths cross. Even Sony seems to be doing good work with their Spider-Man cinematic universe.

Elseworlds followed the cross-over path in the TV-Verse. And that is likely the case that will be for the Cinematic Universe, although I would love to see these characters be a part of the same universe rather than being separate Universes that rarely crosses over.

DC’s Arrow-verse

Will DC reconsider their Cinematic Universe and give it another try or will they pave their own paths? We will have to wait a year or two to find that out. If the Shazam and Joker movie do well that DC would stick with these independent movies. But that said, Justice League franchise is too big to be ignored sooner or later they will make another Justice League movie if their movies continue to do well and the superhero fatigue doesn’t turn out to be a thing.

Christopher Nolan has said on record that he is not going to direct another superhero movie any time soon. Getting him to do one of Justice League movies would have been something but it’s just wishful thinking. There are a lot of talented directors who can pull of another superhero ensemble movie. And now that James Gunn is said to be directing the next Suicide Squad movie, maybe DC might bring him in for the Justice League too.

I am not surprised that DC has decided to move forward with another Suicide Squad movie but not a sequel to Man of Steel. Well, let’s forget Batman V Superman for a moment here. So, has DC decided that they need to wait long enough before they make another Superman movie. Will they do the origin story again. I hope not.

Shazam Trailer